In this context SKDPL has carried out extensive work for treating raw water and effluents, to meet the disposal norms and also with an aim to make them amenable for recycle and reuse. This is achieved by using the advanced aerobic and anaerobic technologies and membrane concept.

Aspiring to provide the best available technologies that adhere to international standards and meet the specified norms, SKDPL is collaborating with international membrane technology providers and manufacturers to get the right type of membrane to meet customer specific requirements.

  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Industrial waste water and sewage treatment plant (Anaerobic and aerobic)
  • Projects on recycle & reuse
  • Effluent conveyance system
  • Sea water Desalination plant
  • Biomethanisation project
  • Water supply and distribution network
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Huge volume of wastewater is discharged into natural drain after providing treatment in various industrial sectors. It is not only water but also a lot of money and efforts down the drain. SKDPL with the procedural know-how have developed techno-economic and feasible recycle and reuse plant to best use the treated water for various end applications, inclusive of process of industrial and for the agricultural sectors.

  • Industrial waste water Recycle and re-use projects
  • Municipal Waste water Recycle and re-use projects

SKDPL is in the forefront, providing its services in management of solid waste, which is an area of great concern in developing countries. Globally this issue is taken up at war footing and in India through its various notifications from the MoEF has put up deadline for treatment of municipal solid waste and industrial / hazardous solid waste.

  • Hazardous waste Management
  • Common Incineration facilities
  • Common hazardous waste Landfill site
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Landfill closure
  • Waste to Energy
  • Composting (Vermi composting & Windrow composting)
  • Bio-methanisation
  • CDM

The Sewage Treatment Plant Incorporates the following operating procedure :

  • Initial Screening & Oil/Grease Trap.
  • Equalization.
  • Sludge Return Process Bio Reactor.
  • Settling.
  • Two Step Media Filtration.
  • Sludge Storage Tank with Aeration Provision.
  • Sludge Transfer from Settler to Tank & Tank to Out.
Features of the Sewage Treatment Plant:
  • All the treatment steps are incorporated in underground RCC tank. (Except Filtration)
  • No Separate Septic Tank Required.
  • No Open Sludge Handling & nuisance on that account.
  • Optional Sludge Dewatering System can be Incorporated before storing the Sludge.
  • Single Panel with all switches for on-off operation at easy to access location.
  • Optional Mechanical Oil Skimmer can be incorporated to ensure removal of separated oil.
  • All Pumps & Blowers are provided with "standby" to ensure easy switching if required.
  • Dry run protection for centrifugal pumps.
  • C type ladders in tanks to ensure easy access.
  • Continuous visits by our engineers during civil work to ensure "Correct Integration".
  • SKDPL Service Team provides Prompt Service Support to the Customers. Our Engineers/Technicians visit the site within a couple of hours of the assistance call.
  • We recommend our O & M Service which is unmatched in the industry. We offer complete O & M Service at very competitive prices.
  • SKDPL offer Integrated Facility Management O & M Services for STP, WTP